Roz Firth

Phenomenal finger style guitar playing.
Exciting percussive textures.
Sublime vocal lines.
Roz Firth combines these talents to create an incredibly full sound, making just one guitar sound like an orchestra.

Self taught on the guitar, Roz has been playing for 10 years and began writing her own material at the age of 17. Making use of her music technology degree, she integrates both her incomparable techniques with the latest loop pedals. Her YouTube channel has attracted much acclaim, with currently over a million views.

Influenced by such greats as Jon Gomm, Trace Bundy, Andy Mckee & Don Ross, Roz has incorporated her own unique style and evocative lyrics to create performances of such vitality and passion. She enjoys performing live around her native Yorkshire and collaborating with other musicians. Roz is endorsed by renowned guitar maker BSG as well as being sponsored by The Music Room.
Her debut album, Passing Eyes, was released in September 2014 and features 5 original diverse tracks.